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been made. Evidence. is in existence which proves thai/ certain passages in the original letters were deliberately suppressed by Walpole, whose intention was that they should neither be transcribed nor printed. This intention, it seems, was defeated in part by his secretary Kirgate, who appears to have made unauthorized copies of the suppressed passages, which copies, after his death, were handed over by his daughter to Mrs. Darner, Horace Walpole's executrix, to be by her destroyedl.
On examining Horace Walpole's transcript of these letters, the surprising discovery was made that a very large number of passages have been suppressed in the printed version, although no indication whatever of any omission was given by the original editors. Not a few of these suppressed passages are quite unfit for publication; these occur chiefly in the earlier letters. The passages omitted from the later letters (as well as the letters hitherto unprinted) are of a harmless character. All the suppressed passages which it was possible to print have now been restored to the text; omissions, wherever they have been made, are indicated both in the text and in the notes.
1 This evidence is contained in the following memorandum (kindly communicated by Mr. J. F. Eotton, who is in possession of the original document). The paper is endorsed (apparently in Mrs. Darner's handwriting) ;
1 Dec. 12,1810. Memorandum concerning the Destruction of Extracts from Letters of Lord Orford, &c., by T. Kirgate.'
The contents are as follows :-—
' Dec. 11, 1810. 1 To Ma. GEORGE P. HARDING,
'Understanding that the Collection of Extracts of Letters from Lord Orford to Sir Horace Mann at Florence (which Extracts were in
the Possession of my Father the late Mr. Thomas Kirgate at his Death) •were not intended by his Lordship to be either transcribed or printed I hereby authorize and desire you will destroy the same Extracts in the Presence of the Honourable Mrs. Darner the Executrix of His Lordship.                ' EI/BAJJOK THOMAS.'
Below is added, in the same handwriting as the endorsement:—
' December 12,1810. The Extracts above referred to were destroyed in the Presence of us